DARE: Ranch Cookies? - local delivery

Dare: ranch cookies? - local delivery
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  • DARE: Ranch cookies

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The other day, I was thinking, "What food is truly American?" I thought of ranch salad dressing. Do you remember a time when ranch salad dressing didn't exist? I do. And then, it seemed overnight, ranch dressing was everywhere. I don't know how those folks at this super secret valley located somewhere out West, I assume, pulled that off. I'm sure it involved a silencing of the Thousand Island Conglomerate. Anyway, I thought "Why don't I make a ranch flavored cookie? I mean, people seem to like ranch dressing. I like ranch dressing. I like cookies. Sounds good to me." Of course, you should know that I have no common sense. None at all.

These limited edition SAVORY cookies have all the flavors you expect from a cookie…that tastes like ranch dressing. You will receive 4 ranch cookies, that you can eat with a variety of things. Perhaps you can eat it with baby cut carrots. Or maybe you can eat them with Buffalo wings? The sky's the limit with ranch!

I then thought that maybe you wouldn't like these ranch cookies. So, in addition to your 4 ranch cookies, you'll get 2 Milk Chocolate Chunk cookies, because if there's any cookie to get you out of that ranch frame of mind, it's that one. Also, for being a good sport, you'll also get a coupon code good for $2 off your next order in the Rogue Bakery online store.

Let's recap:
-4 savory ranch cookies
-2 Milk Chocolate Chunk cookies
-a coupon code good for $2 your next order

That sounds like a pretty good deal, and a pretty good dare.

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